Togian islands, the place to be…20 years ago

Posted on 17 août 2011


When I hear people comparing the Togian Islands to a paradise, I just wonder if they have seen anything in this world. If they have been snorkeling in Belize, Australia, Honduras, the Caribbean or visited any tropical country at all.
Togian Island coral has been damaged for more than 10 years now, due to heavy fishing (with either dynamite, cyanide or compressor). As a result, most of the coral is dead and you have to go farther and farther to look at diversity and see fish.
From an ecological point of view, staying on these island is a total nonsense, as there is no water on the resorts (it has to be brought from either Wakai or from other bigger islands that have wells).

Accommodation is overpriced (if you compare with Thailand, India…) and food – which is included – is less than enough. For instance, your dinner ration consists of 2 oz of fish per head, white rice (at will), a small portion of vegetables and soja sauce. No fruits, no salad, as nothing is grown here.
As public boat schedules are unreliable, you will often have to go through a charter boat to leave the islands. That means you will get overcharged 10 times the normal fare. Dollar (or euro) rules here. Bring everything you can with you as ,again, you will have to pay double or triple for every item you purchase at resorts. The beaches on Kadikiri are littered with trash and dog excrements, and nobody seems to care. In some places, you will have to share one unique shower and toilet (that haven’t been cleaned for months) with all guests and staff (count 20+ people on average) .So shower early as water won’t last the full day, notwithstanding doing a bit of laundry.
You will depend on the resort owner good will (or pay) to go snorkeling – bring your own equipment as you will be asked a heafty sum for renting a leaking mask. If any problem happens (and it had in the past), you will have to convince the owners to get you to the nearest medical unit.
Altogether a rather unpleasant experience, very far from the paradise described by young tourists holding the Bible (LP) and escaping Pop and Mom wings protection for the first time.

Last but not least, lock your valuables and your room as theft is not uncommon… a paradise, yeah !